Illustrations by Kristy Simpson

Supposed master of unlocking.

This reclusive Midwestern artist can be found in their natural habitat; the internet. Sporting a quirky and lively style, she is easy to approach and does not bite.

Her three chief abilities are illustration, character design, storytelling, and an almost fanatical love of insects.

Er...four chief abilities.

My first finished project for Illustration this semester!  The project was portrait + text, interpreted any way we wanted.  I chose to do a more traditional type of portrait, with a bit of gristly humor to it.  I was really worried about critique, but everybody seemed to like the humor in it, so I was happy!  Plus then going off for a 5 minute tangent, that was amazing.

Blood textures by:

Top paper texture by:

Bottom paper texture by:

If the text is too hard to read, check here!

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