Illustrations by Kristy Simpson

Supposed master of unlocking.

This reclusive Midwestern artist can be found in their natural habitat; the internet. Sporting a quirky and lively style, she is easy to approach and does not bite.

Her three chief abilities are illustration, character design, storytelling, and an almost fanatical love of insects.

Er...four chief abilities.

Swimsuit chibi commission for Affexion420 @ FA

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What kind of brush settings do you use?
magicalzombieart magicalzombieart Said:

Hey there anon!  I actually (at the moment) use only one brush for sketching, inking, and coloring!  It’s a super nifty brush when you’re going for a bit softer hard shading, and works really nicely with different sizes and pressure sensitivity.  I also just use a regular watercolor brush for blending!

Well, I have officially started work on my comic, Oculus Nefarious.  My hope is for it to be a multi chapter story looking at the adventures of one Wanda A. Round, professional troublemaker and monster hunter extraordinaire.  My goal is to try and get 20 pages ready to go before posting/getting a website together, which will certainly take a long time, but it’s a reasonable goal.

Expect some WIP stuff here in the near future!  :D  And if you ever have any questions about the comic, my characters, or anything at all, really, just go right ahead!

Part of a commission for Psytrin @ FA! I included a shaded version because I loved how it turned out, and thought that’d be good for posting! :D (Though the flat color version is also really lovely as well~)

For TigerWithWings @ FA

For an anonymous user~

For DangerNemi @ FA, as a gift from Malificus @ FA!

For Malificus @ FA!

Swimsuit chibi commission over email; Rose Lalonde from Homestuck.

Jujak, the phoenix!  I was asking around for some ideas for species/animals to draw, and I was told I should draw more bird creatures, so….a phoenix harpy sounded like a good idea!

I’ll figure out her color scheme soon, not sure if I want to go traditional phoenix colors, or maybe something different…

I guess tonight has been personal art night!  Feels kinda nice actually, I haven’t drawn much in the past couple days, and hopefully doing some stuff will help me to get back into the swing of things!

And ooolldddd sketched that I redid, and decided to color.  Sonakshi, a naga girl!  One of my favorite cuties, it’s been forever since I drew her.  And she got a new scale pattern as well!

I’ve been kinda dead lately, between work and being a bit sick, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on art.  And since I’ve been only working on little things, here’s some WIPs to some bigger compositions!

One on the left is going to be of Wanda, and the one on the right is for a monster themed zine my fellow illustration students are doing.  I’ve come to find that I really enjoy framed compositions like these…..and I like curtains.  I just have a thing for curtains.

Golly!  Looks like I finally got a little site up with all my characters and their references.  Info still is to come as I have a lot to get through, but this will be frequently updated.  There’ll be a link put up for future use, but I thought I’d put up this link.  XD

Goddamnit I have too many characters.

Trade with the lovely teileaf~

See the full pic here!